It’s a classic, Ian McCloy Island Swim is the oldest open-water race in Ontario, if not Canada. It was launched in 1983 as part of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge. The swim runs out of the southeastern bay of pristine, magical Lake Nepahwinin Sudbury’s south end.

Walk down the Loach’s Road Backpath to the University Beach and discover why the swim is an original.

Laurentian Masters has hosted the event since 2000. Ian McCloy was a co-organizer of the swim and a Laurentian Masters national record holder in the 1,500 metres. He died suddenly in 2003.

Did you say Dilly Bars? Distances are 100m in the DQ Youth Challenge; 500m, 1.6K and 3.2K swims. There is also a fabulous selection of healthy snacks and Dilly Bars. The treats come from the Anderson Family, owners of Dairy Queen in Sudbury and long time supporters of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge.

Please note: City of Greater Sudbury lifeguards supervise the swim. Volunteer paddlers in kayaks and canoes, stand-up paddleboards and outrigger canoes also keep a watchful eye on all participants.

There is however, inherent risk with open-water swimming and all participants are encouraged to train for the event and take all necessary precautions during the swim.

Race conditions – Knock on wood: The weather is usually excellent for open-water swimming. Water temperatures range from 69F to 80F over the course of the summer swimming season. This is a wetsuit-free event.

Laurentian Beach on Nepahwin Lake